6 Million Android Devices Sold Per Month

WOW!!! If you’ve been growing tired of hearing 3million ipads this and 3million iphones that, well Eric Schmidt Google CEO revealed to a group of journalists today in Lake Tahoe California, that there are 200,000 Android devices activating every day, (that’s 6million+ per month on a 31 day month)

This great news comes right on the heels of newly published reports from both Neilsen declaring that Android is gaining huge market share, and NPD declaring that 1 in 3 smartphones are now Android phones.

During this informal round table Schmidt accredited a lot of success with the recently released Motorola Droid X, and the cross carrier phenomena The Samsung Galaxy S series. We are hopeful that both Motorola and Samsung will have their Android based tablet devices on shelves for consumer purchase by the end of the year.

Although Google doesn’t see revenue directly from handset sales, it does see huge revenue in search and putting more Android devices in more people’s hands means that more people can search. He also joked that he was happy that Iphone was doing so well because they do see profit from searches on Apple’s single mobile device running IOS.

Source: Techcrunch, CNet and other reports