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Women Write in About why they Love Android

Tiffany, A Backflip user upgrading to My Touch Slide:

Hi, my name is Tiffany. I had for many many years used a Palm Pilot, starting with the 501, them joined “my Brain” with cell phone which was Palm Treo 650. I loved that phone. Eventually upgraded to Palm Centro, which was less satisfying. After I broke that phone several times I was ready for something new.
At the time AT&T; did not have any other Palm devices but was about to release an Android phone.
After doing a little research – I was sold…bought the Backflip. I really enjoy this phone but have since learned that I am being shorted on the full Android experience.
Within a couple days (shipping) I will have a MyTouchSlide! I am so excited.
I am old fashioned and am not ready yet to give up the physical keyboard. But looking forward to having a Real Android phone and maybe someday soon I will give up and buy a large keyboardless Android phone.
But this OS is the best I have found and do not expect to move away from Android. I am a huge fan 🙂

Thanks for letting me tell my story,


Tifffany can be found on twitter @tiffyfone


Ladies we want to hear from you, why did you switch to Android. Please send us your short story to [email protected] don’t forget to include your first name, last name (we will only publish your first name and last initial), geographic location, and what phone you have

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