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Why I'm Making the Switch from Blackberry to Android — By Androidpeoples Androidphilip

I have been in the Android Community for about two or so months and I have decided it’s time to go all the way and get myself my first Android device. I have tried every phone OS from Palm to windows mobile, but I have never used Android OS (as my own phone, I have tried it before). I have been a long time Blackberry user though and had the Blackberry Storm, after that phone I thought I would never see myself on the Blackberry OS again. A few months past and I received a Blackberry Curve 8330 to try and I loved it! I enjoy the Blackberry OS although I always knew I was missing something. I am an avid phone and technology geek and love to review the newest stuff. I have been wanting an Android since the launch of the original Droid about 9 months ago. When I heard that Verizon Wireless was letting anyone with a contract up in 2010 can upgrade to any Smartphone I jumped online to pre- order the Droid Incredible, I knew that the Droid X was coming out but the date was yet to be released and I did not want to wait a long time till I got an Android device. Since the Incredible was still on backorder I figured I would wait a few days till I ordered it. Within those few days the Incredible backorder extended and the launch of the Droid X occurred. When I got full specs and release date of the Droid X I said I’ll wait and I did just that. About 2 minutes after I read on twitter that it was going on pre- order at BestBuy I called every BestBuy and I got the same answer, “The Droid X is not on Pre- Order Yet, we do not know when It will be”. I then got on the phone with @androidluis and we called another store and asked for the manager and demanded they look again if the pre- order is going on, when the lady returned with the answer yes, I rushed over to the store and set my pre- order and was the 2nd one to pre- order. I am not worried at all about the switch because I have grown to hate this Blackberry over the past month from slow internet to application crashes. When I get this new phone I am hoping for everything to resolve and will let the 1GHz processor do all the work! The only thing I might miss on my Blackberry is the hardware keyboard which has broken keys. With the mix of swype and the multi touch keyboard on the Droid X I should be fine. Look for my review and unboxing of the Droid X when I get it, also I will give my in depth comparison/ differences of switch from Blackberry OS to Android OS.


15 Year Old Philip E is from The Jersey Shore and recently started he was also the first door prize winner in the Android Barbecue Contest.

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