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Verizon Continues to Run the Most Profitable Wireless Business by a wide margin

Verizon released their 2nd quarter earnings at the end of last week and to no surprise credited their wireless unit and specifically Android and Motorola with a good contribution to that quarter. Verizon rose the most in a year in New York trading, beating analysts projections for this quarter.
During the quarter Verizon released the HTC Incredible and announced the Motorola Droid X, even with widespread fulfillment problems with the HTC Incredible, (still occurring now) Verizon Wireless added 665,000 post-paid customers beating AT&T;’s growth in the same metric.
Baltimore Based Analyst Chris King (Stifel Nicolaus & Co.), said “They’re doing far better than AT&T; from a margin stand point and a net add standpoint”
Since the beginning of 2010 Verizon repeatedly re-affirms their commitment to the Android platform amid rumors that pop up almost daily that the Iphone is coming to Verizon. Android saw an increase from 1.6 to 9.6 in terms of Global Smartphone market share, while Iphone only saw an increase of 10.5 to 15.4%
The third quarter will be the big one to watch in the Verizon Vs AT&T; was because of the Iphone 4 launch, and the launch of Droid X in addition to the other smartphones Verizon will bring to market over the quarter.

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