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The Droid Guy Unboxes The Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S Smartphone on AT&T Wirless

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Here is my unboxing video of the Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S Smartphone on AT&T; Wireless. This is AT&T;’s third time to the plate with the Android Operating System, each time at bat they get better and better.

Although the Motorola Backflip didn’t seem to satisfy the tech-geek crowd, it still carried a unique form and impressive feature set. Sometimes the little things amuse me or even impress me most, and that touch back scroller on the backflip was one of those things. Of course I was extremely unsatisfied with their initial decision to use Yahoo instead of Google search on Google’s own Operating System, AT&T; corrected that with both the Aria and the Captivate.

Check out the HTC Aria unboxing HERE

The Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S Smart Phone, On AT&T; (that long spiel is the official name)
A 4 Inch Super AMOLED Screen
1GHz Hummingbird Processor
Optimized for AT&Ts; High Speed Packet Access 7.2Mbps Technology
Six-Axis Sensor combined with an accelerometer for a Fluid gaming experience
and MORE!!!!

The little things stick out on the Captivate, I promise more on the captivate in the days to come but here are some little things:

Apps Have an “iphone” boxy appearance. On the Apps master screen (not the home screen) all of the Apps are in square boxes, VERY similar to the Iphone. Not really any big deal but one of the little things that amused me.

Battery Life: I don’t know when the phone was initially taken off the charger but the Battery went a good 12 hours of more than medium use before I got a 15% warning

User Friendly Housing: The Captivate has a very easy to open back compartment which gives you access to the battery, sim card and optional SD Card.

Optional SD Card? This bad boy comes with 16gb of internal memory so it doesn’t ship with a micro-SD card however it can handle up to 32gb which is INCREDIBLE

Again much more later but the final thing before I paste the video in, Omar Kahn at Samsung highlighted the entertainment value of this phone. I watched Hot Tub Time Machine on it and the screen was brilliant, didn’t time out and didn’t cause viewing fatigue! Big PLUS!! and I downloaded Road Rage to experience the whole gaming thing and it was UNBELIEVABLE on the Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S Phone, on AT&T; here’s the video more on the Galaxy S family and captivate probably even later today!


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