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T-Mobile's Motorola Charm caught in the wild

Tmo News has acquired this photo of the lower level Android phone, “Motorola Charm”. Popular blog site Thoughts From The Sidelines is reporting that no one knows when the Charm will actually be released, however unless you’re just now crawling out from under that rock, according to Tmo News and other sites, the Motorola Charm will be out in time for Tmobile’s annual back to school promotion. You know 20 years ago as a school aged kid I hated hearing about BTS in June.
The Charm is said to feature a trackbad on the back, similar to the Motorola Backflip. There seems to be discussion that this is an “Entry” level phone ala the Backflip and not a mid-ranger like even the LG Ally, Motorola Devour, or Samsung Interceptor.
The Charm will sport the Moto Blur UI, although the new Droid X backs off motoblur a bit. It has a full qwerty keyboard, ala the Moto Q and the three hard buttons. No word if it’s harboring a touch screen as well. Look for it on T-mobile shelves near you in time for the T-Mobile Back To School Promotion.

*photo courtesy tmonews

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