T-Mobile Expands 4G/HSPA + Coverage

T-Mobile has announced that is has expanded it’s HSPA+ Coverage to 85 Million pops. Until recently when people talked about “4G” they didn’t include T-Mobile in the mix, although since about April/May of 2010 I personally noticed a huge improvement in T-Mobile’s signal strength and download/upload times when visiting New York City, one of the first markets where the HSPA+ technology was rolled out.

HSPA stands for High Speed Packet Access, the newest evolution is known as High Speed Packed Access Evovled or HSPA+. The technology is available in conjunction with GSM and in the United States with both AT&T; and T-Mobile. AT&T; has kept their HSPA+ plans down to a medium roar as has T-Mobile however T-Mobile has been expanding their HSPA+ network like wildfire.

Also last week, T-Mobile Spokesperson Peter Dobrow confirmed to Thedroidguy that T-Mobile has no plans to do away with their unlimited data pricing.

In New York City I personally saw download speeds between 5mbps and 7mbps regularly at street level in midtown manhattan.

Although the picture doesn’t show the speeds I’ve seen HSPA+ capable of, in my home market, this is a great improvement over speeds I had on T-Mobile just last month.

HSPA+ Service is already available in:
Los Angeles,
New York
Washington. 4G speeds are now available for customers in
Alexandria, McLean and Reston, Va.;
Anaheim, Burbank, Glendale, Irvine, Long Beach and Ontario, Calif.; A
nnapolis, Bethesda and Chevy Chase, Md.;
Asheville and Hickory, N.C.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Technology and their new Rocket USB data stick are available Now in:
Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Waco, Texas;
Baltimore MD
Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La.;
Birmingham, Ala.;
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio;
Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Fla.;
Greenville, S.C.;
Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo.;
Portland, Ore.;
Wichita, Kan.

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