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Sanjay Jha Re-Affirms his commitment to Android

Aspen Colorado- In the midst of the most powerful tech conference in the country, Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm Tech, Motorola C0-CEO Sanjay Jha spoke about the epic turn around of Motorola in the Consumer Wireless Space and specifically how Android leads the pace in emerging wireless operating systems.
Jha said that in the decision making process in buying a new device there are three key decisions: Form Factor, Function and of course Operating System. “A Year Ago we focused on Smartphones and Bet On Android” Jha told on-lookers during his talk at the event. Obviously that bet has paid off.
Jha seemed to equate Google and The Android platform as Microsoft was in it’s heyday in the 80’s and 90’s, sure Apple made a snazzier looking product but Microsoft took their operating system and licensed it to a slew of manufacturers that made their Dos/Windows brand a household name. It won’t happen overnight but Google seems to be replicating that strategy.
Jha believes that in this clouded space of operating systems there are 7 viable OSs right now and hinted he didnt think that 7 was a substantial number.
Jha credited his carrier relationships especially with key franchise partner, Verizon Wireless. He went on to add that with Motorola, Google and Now Adobe together they have a complete packaging saying: “I actually think without flash you don’t get a complete browsing experience” Despite Jha’s extensive experience on the technology side of the mobile busienss, he was an executive at Qualcomm before Motorola, he is by far one of the easiest speakers to understand and fun to listen to and watch. Poking fun at Apple seems to be a stable of every Android event, this one was no different as Jha said he heard that the most popular Voice Mail message for Iphone Users right now is “Sorry I Can’t Answer your call I’m holding my phone right now”

photo: Andy Rubin and Sanjay Jha at Motorola Droid X Event

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