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Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S Smartphone on AT&T Goes Live Today


With the release of the Samsung Captivate, A Galaxy S smartphone on AT&T;, AT&T; has raised the bar with their Android offerings. I’ve been using the Samsung Captivate side by side with the Samsung Vibrant all week and have been very impressed.

As an Anroid advocate since the very beginning it does disturb me that you still can’t officially “sideload” apps from other sources. This makes it harder for me to stock the phone up the way that I like it. It’s also a little irritating as I am offered a lot of “Reviewed” or “Beta” apps not offered in the market just yet and without sideload or “non market source” apps allowed on AT&T; I can’t quickly just load a microsd card and go. However for the average consumer or an AT&T; Customer looking to make the move into Android the Samsung Captivate makes sense.

The Samsung Captivate runs on a 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor which provides for an overall faster experience when side by side with other “super” android phones. The hummingbird processor produces amazing 3-D Graphics, faster up and download times and an HD Like video expirence, combine the Hummingbird processor with the 6 Axis sensor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope and you have a full featured handheld gaming system in your pocket.

The Samsung Captivate features a 4 Inch Super AMOLED screen which provides brilliant color and delivers one of the thinnest, most responsive full featured smartphones in the industry. Coupled with the Samsung Captivates Camera/Camcorder you get absolutely stunning video from the phone with 4x Zoom on the Video Camera!

Yesterday I went to see Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens at a local AT&T; Core store in Baltimore, and while there I was pleasantly suprised to hear chatter amongs AT&T; employees abou the Samsung Captivate and I wowed them with the video comparison between Droid X and Samsung.

In case you missed it in the previous post here is the DROID X video I shot at Times Square Tuesday Morning


And Here is the same video shot on the Samsung Captivate a Galaxy S Smartphone on AT&T;


Next week we are going to go Basic and offer some tip videos for brand new Android customers

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