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Samsung Answers The Android Girlllll call: Intercept available in pink

We know that the My Touch 3G came in a variety of colors but so far no one has stepped up to the plate with a PINK android phone. There are a lot of Android Gals out there, just ask Scott Webster founder of there are so many Android Gals out there that they started as well… so now Samsung and Sprint have answered the call with the Samsung Intercept available in Gray and Pink!

Aside from the pink here are some other attractive specs for this solid “Smartphone”
Android 2.1
One Touch Picture Posting to the top social network sites
3.0 Inch Touch Screen Display
Full Slide Out Qwerty Keyboard
Access to over 60,000 apps in the Android Market
Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor
Instant messaging
View word, excel and powerpoint on the go
3.2 mp camera/video camera

The Samsung intercept will be $99 after $100 mail in rebate and presumably a flat $99 a Best Buy Mobile. It will hit the shelves July 11 (that’s this sunday)

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