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Oh My God The Sun is going to set tonight: Samsung Galaxy S2 Fake

Literally just after I got home from the Samsung Galaxy S launch party in New York City there were already emails in my box, comments on Phandroid, Androidandme, Androidcentral, and Androidguys about the Samsung Galaxy S 2 well leave it to our friends at Brief Mobile to discover the truth. Over the weekend they worked harder than the Apple Itunes fraud team to uncover which was of course a hoax.

Rumors of a 4.3 Inch Super AMOLED 2 screen, 2 Ghz processor, 32gb internal memory and more were believed by tech loving gadget geeks all around.

As reported by Brief Mobile the story is a fake out of Russia. The people who started this rumor took a fan photoshopped mock up photo, added these great specs to it and since it was Russian it was hard to prove.

So why did so many people fall for it? Because as sure as the sun is going to set tonight, most of the rumored phone specs eventually see fruition. A little over a year ago I was personally talking with @stericson on twitter about the Sprint/Clearwire relationship and how it would be great to have a Wimax Android device and a front facing camera because wimax could handle the data load. Had we crafted some picture and added some specs it would look like the Evo.. imagine that.

Wishful thinking is proving to come true in the Android Community. R&D; departments, PR people even CEO’s of some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world get emails everyday from users around the globe:

Hey Sanjay it would be great if you incorporated this
Hey Omar can we see that
Hey Andy can we get this

Guess what even though they don’t send a press release out to say they read an email, they actually read emails. One thing that’s great about the Android eco-system is that everyone at least listens and that’s why its so easy to come up with some not fake, but hopeful specs, add a picture, some text and create a rumor. Next year when the Galaxy S2 is really in production and has lots of the same specs listed in this weeks rumor mill it will be a quilted patchwork with ideas from the Samsung dream team, wishes like this and feedback from the Android Community.


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