Official Droid X Scavenger Hunt in full swing

At 4:35PM Eastern Time the first Droix X literally out in the wild was recovered on Pier 66 In New York City. This message was tweeted right after the find:

Stop searching! Droid X designate #4 was recovered today at 4:35 on Pier 66 in NYC. Congratulations Francis Choung

If you haven’t heard Verizon is giving away 21 now make that 20 more Droid X’s across the country. They’ve escaped and need to be captured. The Official Twitter account for the contest is @droidlanding and it has been tweeting clues as to location and then GPS coordinates so you can find the EXACT location within the city. The contest runs through the 15th Droid X Launch Day and now someone in New York is happy with their brand new shiny Droid X.

If you didn’t know the coordinates will tell you where to find a certificate for the device and from there you can follow the instructions for redemption. There have been other “wanna be” or “Fake” scavenger hunt twitter id’s like @droidxlanding the official twitter is @droidlanding so follow that twitter account for your chance to win.

Thinking of sitting this one out and just getting it on launch day? Verizon corporate stores across the country will open at 8am local time to sell you the brand new Motorola Droid X. has some other hot exclusive tips about scoring a Droid X that we will reveal in due time.