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No Jacket Required Motorola Droid X Aggresively advertising attenagate

In a creative piece that would be just about equivocal to Exxon running an ad saying “Hey we didn’t spill the oil this time” Motorola ran a full page ad to promote the Motorola Droid X (exclusively carried on Verizon) touting “No Jacket Required”. This great piece of advertising collateral speaks directly to the Iphone 4 and it’s “Antennagate” problems.
What’s even more impressive about this ad is that Motorola talks specifically about the features that prevent the Droid X from having the Antennagate issues.
I wanted to go ahead and check the Antennagate issue for myself so here is my video of the Droid X exploring Antenna Gate, please note the lighting and sound arent that great. I did this video quickly and on my Nexus 1


So there you have it no Antenna Gate with the Motorola Droid X on Verizon Wireless.. They’re right “No Jacket Required” <-- wasn't that a Phil Collins Record?

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