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Motorola Charm Android with a Moto Q style

By: Gunnar Saxon
Before I start this post, I want to thank The Droid Guy for allowing me to collaborate with him for this article.
Back to business. The Motorola Charm is the first Android phone of it’s kind to date. With a BlackBerry-esque form factor, complete with four row qwerty-keyboard, and MOTOBLUR installed over Android 2.1, this makes for a very interesting mixup. The Charm is going to be a GSM and CDMA phone, so no carrier specifications as of yet. Some high points of this phone are 7 homescreens, 300 minutes of talk time CDMA (405 for GSM), and approximately 300 hours of standby time. The 2.8″ touchscreen is nearly square, meaning that those used to the long, skinny screens will find none of the sort here.
As a BlackBerry user and enthusiast (don’t worry, I’m just as crazy about Android) I rather like this phone. It provides the form-factor that I so love with BlackBerry with an operating system that I love. MOTOBLUR is the major downfall of this phone for me. I found the backflip to be rather annoying, and this phone reminds me all too much of it. The BLUR on the Droid X looks beautiful, but this version of BLUR looks equally as bothersome as the backflips.
Gunnar Saxon lives in the Philadelphia area and loves Mobile.
photo credit: droid dog

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