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Iphone Press Conference Reveals Great News for Android!

By: Gunnar S.
special contributor to

What a big day for Android! Today, Steve Jobs held a press conference at the Cupertino Apple headquarters. At the conference, it was found that Android phones are outselling iPhones on a day to day basis. With roughly 3 million Iphones sold in the last 20 days, Android has managed to surpass these sales to this day based on the figure that Android is selling 160,000 handsets per day released yesterday and on June 24, 2010 in New York.
Steve Jobs has also finally addressed the fact that the Iphone, even prior to the Iphone 4 has issues with connectivity to the 3g network. In order to satisfy the “death grip” issue Apple will be giving away free cases beginning July 30th, so admittedly leaving new Iphone 4 users with less than adequate service for another 2 weeks. It is estimated that each case costs between $3-5, meaning that Apple is losing money not only due to a defective phone, but also by having to give away cases for the defect. Jobs did reveal for those Iphone 4 purchasers who went ahead and paid the astronomically inflated retail price for a bumper or a case to fix the reception problem, that they will be refunded.
All I can say is that at least Apple is willing to address the problem early in the game. If they’re lucky, this could mean an increase in sales. If my predictions are true, and based on the fact that Android is selling the derriere off of iPhone, Apple’s smartphone sales are going to drop way down from where they already are. I myself am a Mac user, but i just can’t back the iPhone, especially after this debacle with the signal.
Gunnar S. lives in the Philadelphia area and regularly contributes to Blackberry Dog

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