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I-Tunes Hacked Again

Do you remember oh about 6 months ago when that one Rogue banking app made it to the Android Market and was abruptly shut down? Do you remember how all the Apple Fan Boys were quick to say that the precious Iphone/Itunes App Store never got hacked (I wish you could have heard my voice when I said that) well…

This is now the second time in as many weeks that the Apple Itunes store has been hacked, this time by Rogue Travel applications and here’s a big difference between the banking incident and the Itunes incidents..

With the Android Rogue Banking App, the user had to download the app and put in their sensitive information, yes that’s bad.. real bad, however the user had to make the decision to do it. With these Rogue apps in the Itunes store, the user passwords get hacked and apps get purchased to move them up the food chain and take your money. It’s such a little purchase off the bat that you may not even notice it’s happening at first.

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