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Go Naked in the Stars, Samsung Galaxy S has no Antenna Gate issue either

Try and Try again that’s what it seems like the Marketing folks at Apple are trying to do, deflection a great PR crisis management technique. Whether it be in official releases or sneaking out to social media, Apple Inc and The Apple Enthusiasts have been trying like heck to spin Antenna Gate back to other devices including RIM Blackberries and Android Phones.
Sure Ive tried multiple times to replicate the Antenna Gate issue with all the Android devices I have. With the Samsung Galaxy S series I was able to get the bars on both the Captivate and the Vibrant to go down for 4 bars to 2 bars in my home when I exerted enough pressure at the bottom of the phone to crush a beer can (and probably a full beer can at that) however in holding the phone like the average joe, no problem at all I can hold it at the top, bottom, left handed, right handed, Upside Down, Rightside Up, I can juggle it and continue to make calls without the bars changing. As for antennagate though, I went ahead and did a little video. The video quality is not that great, I know this already…


So feel free to take your Samsung Galaxy S phone naked through the stars….

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