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Droid X Madness Hits All Over Some Places at Midnight

Columbia MD- Halfway between the District of Columbia and Baltimore City lies Columbia Maryland (the #2 place to live according to Money Magazine) What a great location for a midnight madness release for Droid X. The evening start out with this great tweet

danmiller: There are 10-15 people camped out at a Verizon store in Columbia for the Droid X… What do they think this is an iPhone launch? LOL

And by 11 Pm This:


By 11:30 PM there were 110 people in the line. Verizon Wireless reps took every possible step to make the process quick and easy when the customers checked in they received a number and a CSR came around and got their phone number and in some cases, their contacts switched. By 1:45am (When I left) there were still about 40 people outside waiting to get in and it looked like they were going to be able to fill all the orders.

Jennifer H of Annapolis Maryland got off work grabbed her family and was the first one in line for the Droid X Launch.


The line of customers waiting was reminiscent of well yes an Iphone line or a game system line. There was a wide range of people purchasing Droid X, from 50 year old truck drivers who just got their Droid a year ago and love it, to 23 year old home makers who are coming from feature phones. There were a lot of Droid and Droid Eris boxes in the line, presumably for upgrading. There was even a apple employee in the line.

Great Night and well planned out launch for Verizon and Motorola

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