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Droid 2 Oh There it is!

Prior to the “official” announcement of the Motorola Droid X on Verizon Wireless in late June the rumors were everywhere about Motorola developing 2 new handsets to add to the coveted “Droid” line at Verizon Wireless. Even leading up to the launch event and press conference in New York City, there was still speculation as to whether or not Motorola was going to officially announce 2 handsets as the next evolution of “Does”. We very quickly found out that the press event was for Droid X which debuted across the country this past Thursday (July 15, 2010).

Today though an engadget reader was checking out the source code for the Droid Does teaser site and found the image above of hat is assumed to be the Droid 2. Although the original Droid is not even a year old yet, and still an awesome piece of hardware, Droid 2 seems to be just weeks away.

Verizon makes it a practice to NOT comment on phones that have been announced, we know from a reliable source that the Droid 2 is the next Motorola in the Droid Line Up. (as do a lot of the other android blogs)

No official specs have been leaked, we are waiting with baited breath.

photo credit: engadget track back to: TFTS

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