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Dell Streak Rolling Out with In Store Displays Sunday At Select AT&T Stores

Everyone has been waiting on an official word on when the Dell Streak will hit AT&T; stores and while we can’t confirm what day it will end up selling at AT&T; stores we can tell you from a pretty reliable source that select AT&T; stores will have them on display beginning this Sunday with branding that says “Innovation Comes to Life”.
In case you’ve been living under a rock the Dell Streak is Dell’s 5inch Android powered tablet phone that Michael Dell has been talking about for almost a year now.
Select AT&T; Core stores across the country began receiving this rather large display this week with explicit directions that it was not to be opened, looked at or explored before this coming Sunday, July 25, 2010. Core store managers that received these displays were basically told they would loose their jobs if they opened it. Further, when they were installed, if there were store employees in the store they were kept in the back office with cameras turned off and windows blinded shut.


Peering through the display the only thing for certain is that there is a monitor of some kind . by way of engadget and the Boy Genius Report, reported yesterday that the Streak was beginning to show signs of life on the Dell website. An AT&T; retail source who spoke with thedroidguy on the condition of anonymity and said that he had more than one indication that this would be a teaser display for the Dell Streak. Only time will tell for sure but we are keeping our fingers crossed. is also pretty certain that the actual street date will not be until early August being that “the end of July” is one week away.

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