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Celebrate the Birth of Android and the Life and End of Life of the G1

For most Android enthusiasts who have been Android supporters since November of 2007 or October of 2008 the HTC G1 was a milestone moment for the platform. The G1, was actually the first “google” phone, and the first phone running the Android platform in the United States. The G1 has been taken off the T-Mobile website and reports across the internet insist that after the current stock is depleted the G1 will no longer be available at retail. This comes announcement comes right on the heels of the HTC Nexus One being pulled off the Cloud Shelves of the Google Phone store, an online experiment in retail marketing for Google.
While for some it’s a sad day in the Android world, it’s important to note that the G1 had a great run. I spoke with Jim Lake of HTC in person today in Dallas Texas who said “The G1 had an incredible Run, it sold over 1 million units in the first four months that it was offered” He added that this was in 2008 when Android was still in it’s infancy.
Ryland Barnes, tech Shoguun for Big in Japan, parent company to the Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner app expressed mixed feelings about the EOL (end of life) for the G1, he spoke about how his Shop Savvy app was actually a project in College while attending Texas A&M; that was shelved until Android was announced in 2007 and really came to life with the G1.
Earlier in the month, before the G1 EOL was announced, when speaking in person with Peter Dobrow VP of Public Relations for T-Mobile Corporate, he was honored that the Android Community is coming together to celebrate the anniversary of Android and using the G1 release date as the benchmark. Dobrow said “We had a lot of success with Andy Rubin at Danger … with the launch of Android and the G1… to today with the latest Android devices”
The Android Community is converging on Austin Texas on October 3, 2010 for the Big Android Barbecue commemorating the release of Android to consumers via the HTC G1. For more information visit:

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