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Bad Signal? Femtocell Not working out try Zboost

Let’s face it death grip or no death grip some of us just happen to live in areas where cell signal is bad. At my home I get a very good voice signal with Sprint however I live relatively close to a power grid, 500 yards from Camden Yards, next to a light rail station etc etc etc. It makes cell phone service kind of spotty at times. I’ve tried everything from those dumb stickers you put on the back of your phone to femtocell to other solutions and while femtocell works I’ve found something that is a one-time payment device.

Check Out Zboost and the Zboost Metro
I originally saw Zboost at the Pepcom show in New York last month and have been dying to try it however my travel schedule has been out of this world and I needed a moment to set this thing up and try it out.

At first glance the box was intimidating, in fact thats why I didn’t set it up until last week. There is a window mount, base station, antenna and about 20 feet of coaxial cable in the box. As a tech person I thought to myself man I’ve got to actually install this thing? However after glancing at the instructions and realizing it’s really only 5 pieces (Window Mount Antenna, Power Cord, Coaxial Cord, Device, Device Antenna) it was a piece of cake. It took about a minute to find a spot and 2 minutes to put everything together.

Realy in short the Zboost is a nicely packaged signal amplifier for cellular radio networks. It seems to be doing wonders for my AT&T;, and Verizon phones I am waiting to check out T-mobile because there is a rumor that they lit up HSPA+ in my neighborhood that Im not sure would be compatible.

AT&T; and Verizon are definitely showing improved strength in my home. But more on results in one weeks time.

The unit iself is not obtrusive at all it looks no bigger than a router or cable modem. The Window antenna, could probably use some design work but if you’re in an urban dwelling and have ditched MaBell you may want to sacrifice asthetic beauty for sheer performance.

Here are some other Key Benefits for the Zboost Metro:
– Perfect for Single Story units (although Im using it in 2 with good results) no vertical separation neeed
– Increases signal strength up to 1500 sqiare feet
– Decreases dropped or missed calls
– No Cradle or connections to your phone
– Extends Batttery life,
– Works with all US Carriers
– Delivers voice and data

In One week I’m going to report back on the Zboost Metro with pics and results on how it improved service on all four carriers in my house. I also have the ZBoost Zpocket which is a similar system designed for travelers. I’m going to use it in the next two weeks in Texas, New York and California.

Stay Tuned
for more information visit Wi-Ex directly for Zboost

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