Android Vs Iphone take it to the ARENA at the Big Android Barbecue

Ok so we couldn’t rent a steel cage for a knock em sock em all out brawl between Android and Iphone but we did do the next best thing…

Iphone fans in Austin Texas are cordially invited to the official Iphone vs Android Laser Tag Match to be held on October 2, 2010 at Blazer Tag in Austin Texas the match is opened up to the first 28 Iphone Fans in the Austin Area who want to take on our well skilled and chosen Android Laser Tag team in town for the Big Android Barbecue…

Coming for the Big Android Barbecue please join in the excitement at our Welcome party/Iphone-Android Laser Tag match starting at 8PM on October 2, 2010 at
Blazer Tag,
1701 West Ben White Boulevard,
Austin Texas 78704

For information email [email protected]

The official Android Vs Iphone Laser Tag match will be held at 11:40PM feel free to enjoy discounted laser tag games, food, drink (of the non alcoholic variety) and fellowship.. and yes those 28 iphone fans and their supporters are invited to the party as well.

The Match itself will be live blogged, live tweeted and covered on in the podcast channel.

If you want to play and are an iphone fan or an android barbecue atendee please email
[email protected]

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