Android Army: Literally

Reuters is reporting that Raytheon the maker of the Patriot Missile Defense System, is developing a software system that will help soldiers in the field identify enemies in their surrounding areas. This software will use Google’s Android operating system as it’s back bone.
Raytheon isn’ talking about typical Android developer stuff, or basic integration with google maps and GPS, no Raytheon is saying that they hope this software will be able to deliver images from unmanned aircrafts and sattelites, to soldiers handheld devices. They are hoping the software will be able to capture enough detail to tell what an enemy is wearing and read license plate images.
Raytheon is testing their software on handsets made by both HTC and Motorola. Mark Bigham, Vice President for Defense and Civil Missile Solutions with Raytheon said that Google has helped them “push the limits of the phone”
Other features in these literal Android Army Aids include: identity recognition, buddy location and GPS tracking. The phones cost about $500 which is inline with most Android phones purchased without a contract. Raytheon is responsible for adding encryption and security features to the devices and of course their program as well.