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A Novel Idea an App to tell when you can use an App

One of the biggest selling points of the latest evolution of the Iphone, The Iphone 4, is the ability to utilize the front facing camera and “Face Time” to do video-chats with other people. This sounded like such a novel idea at WWDC when Steve Jobs was talking about the next wave of the future and real time video chat, however Facetime has a few little caveats that Iphone 4 users quickly began discovering.

– First off both facetime users need to have Iphone 4s. Now we know that there have been 3M plus Iphone 4’s sold but even if you’re one of the lucky ones to have an Iphone 4 how many people do you know that have one or for that matter do you know a bunch of people that have Iphone 4’s to make this “video chat” worthwhile.. in the words of the legendary Billy Mays… But Wait there’s more…

– Secondly not only do both Facetime users have to have Iphone 4’s they have to be in a wi-fi area as well

So once you get to that wifi area so you can facetime how do you know if your friend, inlaw or business associate is on facetime? well with Faceplant that’s how. An app was just announced that lets Iphone 4 users know when they can use facetime and who they can use it with.

With Fring though, it will work anywhere there is 4g, heck it will work on 3g as well just not as good…

I see three clear alternatives here to this facetime issue: one tether your iphone 4 to wifi provided by an Android phone like the Droid X or one with froyo, get a mifi device from Sprint or Verizon so you have wifi on the go or just go to Sprint and get an EVO 4G afterall it has an app that prints money and makes an island then turns into a jet to take you to that island.. Right?

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