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3Q Blackberry/Rim will need to step up or get out of the way

Blackberry once reigned supreme in the American smartphone market in fact today they still do as 46% of the smartphones in America are Blackberry models. However at every corner there is a new Android phone coming out and of course the annual Iphone these sexier high end devices with better web browsing, more features and apps (60,000 for android, 225,000 for Iphone while RIM has just 7,000) are chipping away at RIMs benchmark.
Rewind to the beginning days of Research in Motion and Blackberry, it’s purpose, mobile email. In 2010 we have candy bar feature phones that do mobile email well.
Blackberry has a Blackberry 6 on the horizon, sleek with a touch screen and qwerty… if every Android phone that comes out is the Iphone Killer, is the Blackberry 6 the Blackberry resuscitator?
Blackberry does offer a bit more variety than iphone, however Android has over 30 models out with every option you could possibly want. In fact the Android community is anxiously awaiting the Motorola Charm, think Moto Q with Android.

Can the Blackberry 6 take on Android, we don’t think so, and there’s another smartphone company? HP?Palm? what is this?

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