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10 Days From Droid X Day let's recap

I’ve had my Motorola Droid X for the past few weeks and yes it’s a very solid phone. Is it the best out there, I’m not sure I’ve played with all the Samsung Galaxy S series which are great devices but I’m really curious about why there it’s necessary to have both a Droid X and a Droid 2. The Droid quickly became a staple and is still, according to AdMob, the most popular of the Android phones, so why not combine the 4.3 Touch Screen with the Qwerty and do one device, we’ll see when that rolls out.
What I like about the Droid X
– Screen is amazing the color is brilliant
– The size/weight – The Droid X is lighter than the EVO but actually a bit longer and thicker. Although some might say the size is a negative I like to “Feel” a phone. I tend to gravitate toward the bigger phones.
– customizeable widgets, although I hated moto blur on the Devour the Backflip and the Cliq I love the customizeable widgets brought over from blur to the Droid X
– 8gb internal storage- I could download a crapload of apps to the handset and not touch my SD Card Nice- The Bad: The 8 gb internal is NOT mountable
– oh and for the record I love that little indentation thing on the battery side Check it out HERE

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