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What is the MMA why am I here and what does it have to do with Android?

In event hopping from place to place I am spending most of my time in New York for the #IWNY at the MMA (Mobile Marketing Associations) Mobile Marketing forum.

Why? Because even in it’s infancy, what is going on here is going to be with new and veteran Android platform smart/superphone users, and any other super/smartphone user for many years to come.
Cool Advertising, Augmented Reality, 3D on your handset? Whether fueled by marketing, gaming, content providers we are all going to be affected by the MMA and it’s members. I’ll dive into the MMA in a later blog entry but let’s just say this is my first experience with the MMA and for a trade organization, they are very responsible to the consumer, the end user, us. Of course regulations require that they be responsible but the members of the MMA adhere to standards set up by their peer leaders that are even more stringent than standardized regulations. They of course want their clients (advertisers, content providers, etc) to be successful and to do that they need to respect the users, the consumers.
Here are just some things that relate to Android here at the MMA Forum.
– Everyone is talking Android, of course Android is the fastest growing segment of the mobile industry. Android saw the largest increase as a viable OS and destination point to serve mobile marketing content.
– Mike Steib, of Google was here to speak about Google’s strategy to reach the mobile market. Of course Google will ultimately serve all of the OS’s, Hardware and carriers, but to draw an analogy, say your family owns a huge popular restaurant, they’re going to serve every customer wherever they may come from, and serve them well, but you know the family eats best at the kitchen table. Mike highlighted some great points about Android which you can see here by clicking this
– And content content content. More to come very soon

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