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What is IWNY?

IWNY is Internet Week New York

Why am I here? Well having lived in High Point North Carolina for 5 years, I was used to the furniture market and in some ways this event is like the furniture market. All over New York City there are events happening that are related to the internet, start ups, social media, mobile advertising, branding, hardware, software and cloudware.

A lot of the events are free, some have nominal fees like $25 here and there and others, the more full length conference events can run in the hundreds to thousands.

The basis of IWNY is to focus on the Internet and Technology in New York, Silicon Alley Not Silicon Valley.

I’m covering the events in the city for Thedroidguy blog and twitter to keep the Android community informed of events and technology that we may be affected by that isn’t neccesarily targeted to us.

I arrived here today after checking in and then getting creds for MMA I made my way to the Internet Week New York World Headquarters. The key sponsors for the event are Yahoo and Pepsi (no wonder I, the droid guy, couldn’t get specific creds for the IWNY, at least not properly sanctioned LOL)

I didn’t get in until late and with the opening party festivities this evening, the HQ closed promptly at 5pm I got a chance to meet the guys from Total Immersion Augmented Reality check out this video HERE. AR has been around a few years however they are really pushing the Iron Man 2 game and the app/game you can get on your LG Ally (I told you that was a kick ass phone) Check out my video here
I also went to an event at the Samsung Experience about relationships and building your personal brand hosted by Ellis Henican with special guest author, life coach and love expert Andrea Syrtash who haphazardly built up her own personal brand by following the entreupeneur’s mantra of don’t get a job make a job (one I’ve lived by for years now.

Andrea’s presentation, while focused on relationships, speaks miles to the way things are done today. The fact that it was at the Samsung Experince meant I could play with every Samsung device out there.
For those of you that don’t know The Samsung Experience is a showcase center located in the Time Warner building at Columbus Center where you can try out the latest 3D Televisions from Samsung, Cameras, Video Cameras and of course my favorite, phones. They have every single one of their phones on display there for all carriers. The event was presented by Sobel Media is a digital connections media company and puts on lots of events that relate to digital and social media check out their site HERE for more Check out these Samsung beauties here…
Stay Tuned for more….

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