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Verizon's Closed Door Retail Meetings? Rule The AIr without an Iphone

While many people thought that closing some of the Verizon Corporate stores early Sunday (June 27, 2010) meant a meeting about the Droid X, and others insisted it was the announcement of the Iphone, what was it really?

According to engadget and many other credible online sources, Verizon Wireless, will at least for now, drop the “Wireless” out of it’s name and introduce a new marketing campaign for the wireless unit as a whole “Rule The Air” this will encompass the entire Verizon Wireless product line in corporate stores and some partners. Of Course “Droid Does” Will maintain it’s position in the retail arena because there will be no Iphone, as it’s officially “The Summer of Droid”.

In addition to their marketing, affirmed commitment to the Android platform and the fact that they are not getting the iphone, Verizon today announed a new handset and new pricing that goes in effect today.

More on that later

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