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Verizon LTE Coming in Mid November? Rumor

Boy Genius Report is reporting that Verizon will roll out LTE 25 Markets across the country on November 15, 2010 citing an unnamed source. BGR goes onto say that while they won’t have LTE exclusive handsets available at rollout they are planning the launch of a “slew” of new devices on Black Friday (The day after Thanksgiving)

It’s been reported that LTE will also be the debut of new tiered data plans. Although Verizon is going to a tiered data plan concept can’t help but conclude that Verizon may not totally do away with unlimited, rather charge a premium for it. In an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month Killian said “We will probably need to change the design of our pricing where it will not be totally unlimited, flat rate” the important word here is totally unlimited hinting that an unlimited package may be part of the tier as it currently is with voice plans.

The anticipated November 15th launch of LTE is supposed to cover 100 million pops, Sprint’s current 4g wimax network currently covers just 50 million pops.

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