T-Mobile’s June Hype

We started seeing reports and leaked internal memos citing an 8am opening for Tmobile stores across the country this coming Saturday June 19th (see this story from tmonews cite

Across the net there was speculation what could it be?

New network? They are working on it but it coudn’t possibly constitute a nationwide early opening mandate.

New Phone: Unless they were miraculously getting the iphone4 5 days early that was doubtful too

Some kind of promotion? Well that’s it. Tmobile is announcing that you can get free cell phones this weekend but we’re not talking candy bar, or flip phones, not even texters or feature phones the phones in this promotion include all of their Android smartphones even their newest offerings the My Touch 3g Slider and the Garminphone.

Tmobile USA Chief Operating Officer Jim Alling is optimistic about the promotion appealing to both existing and new customers, all you have to do is convert to a family plan of up to 5 lines with new 2 year contracts on all the new hardware.

Now for the blog part: Is this really news? Is this really worthy of an 8am opening nationwide? Is there enough marketing out there to support the uptick in payroll and the churn this may produce? Really…

Tmobile has been doing $5 add a lines for a while now has this inflated their customer base?

What about Buy One Get One smart phones. Obviously that’s a big competitor for Verizon but that promotion was short lived.

At the end of Q1 tmobile had 33.7 million customers on both pre and post paid plans, I’m quite curious to see if this promotion adds the customers they are hoping for.

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