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Sprint Evo 4G Sold out Again

Calls to the nationwide Sprint telesales number reveal a message that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G is currently sold out and to go to for more information on the phones availability. Typically in the DC Metro area, Best Buy Mobile actually has stock on phones heavily sold out however calls to several Best Buy Mobile’s across the district and the country revealed that YES the Sprint EVO 4G is sold out and pre-sales for the White EVO 4G exclusively carried at Best Buy are heavy, in some cases heavier than pre-orders for the original.
It’s also interesting to know that most if not all Best Buy Mobiles stopped the presales of the Iphone 4 after initial reports that the first 600,000 orders crashed internal fulfillment systems at both Apple and AT&T.;
As Verizon prepares for the Nationawide launch of the next part of the Droid Saga, will fulfillment still be an issue? Also with the presenation and marketing of the Droid we have to wonder if the Droid X rollout is part II of the Droid Trilogy? Could part III be the widely anticipated joint venture tablet between Motorola and Verizon? If keeping with the metephoric like analogies to the Star Wars Trilogy, are you worried because Empire Strikes Back was never as strong as Star Wars I or Return of the Jedi. Not me. Big things will be announced in just hours from Motorola and Verizon. and twitter @thedroidguy hears there will be an excited special website for coverage from today’s New York Event. Our sources have indicated that the announcement of the site to go to for coverage of this event will be revealed on, and sometime around lunch time Eastern keep your eyes pealed.

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