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Sprint Employee Released over sales figures

Mobile Crunch, known for their detailed reporting and diving into stories in the mobile community, is reporting that a Sprint Employee was fired for reporting exact sales first day figures of the HTC Evo on the XDA forum (66, 483 units) It’s unclear whether that figure was total sales and included all channels. Best Buy, through its Best Buy Mobile unit, geared up for very heavy sales on weekend 1 as did Radio Shack.

The Sprint employee was sniffed out on the forum, shown the posts and immediately released. We have a comment request into Melinda Tiemeyer who handles HR Media matters for the third largest carrier in the country. In addition we are waiting to see if our Twitter/Sprint contacts @wsthehouse and @sprintcares send any info back.

For the complete Mobilecrunch Story click here

As a responsible media outlet in the Mobile world, Mobile Crunch makes reference to the fact that internal leakers are paramount to the success of the blogsphere however there are certain associated risks with being the informant including termination and if a non disclosure is signed, litigation as well.

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