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Somethings you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S

By: Kyle Sandler, for

As we prepare for the next big Android launch, The Samsung Galaxy S, we’ve been receiving teasers about some really cool features with the Galaxy line. Although it’s widely speculated that Samsung Galaxy will drop on all 4 carriers we only know of the official Galaxy S, The Galaxy S Pro and the Captivate for sure. Everything else is pure speculation, but we’re going with the fact we are pretty sure that the Galaxy will be the first Android device to launch on all 4 major US Carriers. Now for the tips!
Did You know that Samsung’s Super Amoled Display offers a 180 degree? That means even if you hold the Samsung’s Super Amoled Display at eye level you could still see all the images without distortion
Did you know that Samsung’s Super Amoled mobile phone display offers 100,000 to 1 contrast ratio for unmatched vivid colors and clarity? The contrast ratio for the Super Amoled is the closest in the US mobile phone industry to current hdtv standard

Did you know the Samsung’s 1GHZ Hummingbird Processor processes 90 million triangles a second? That’s three times as fast as leading competitors, providing the very best performance for 3D Graphics.
These tips are coming directly from Samsung. From the one we had our hands on this device is Beau-Ti-Ful

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