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So What is it that Droid Does? or Android Does

You saw the catchy commercial, if you’re in the mall a lot you’ve seen the ads everywhere in the Mall, Droid Does Apps, When there’s no limit to what Droid gets there is no limit to what droid does. In this multi part series we are going to share with you what it is that Droid Does.

Part 1
Screen Customization

This is the first thing that you will notice if you are migrating from an Iphone to an Android phone, and that is Screen Customization.

Yes we are well aware you can move the app icons anywhere you want on the multiple screens on the iphone. Also some may consider it an advantage that the Iphone will allow as many screens full of apps that you’d like to have while Android limits you based on the version of OS you’re running and if you’re running a manufacturers UI (user interface) on top of the Android OS. For this quick lesson we are using my HTC Incredible on Verizon. The HTC Incredible runs the HTC Sense User Interface (UI) on top of Android 2.1. So that means I have 7 screens available to me.

So basically with the HTC Incredible you have 7 screens on your Home Screen that look something like this. Now here’s the cool part, most people’s screens wont look the same, you can put icon shortcuts to applications, widgets, contact shortcuts, file shortcuts and much more on the home screen. This is actually my second screen where I keep some of the things I reference second most.

You may have questions like: Well I can put all my icons on my Iphone but only 7 screens on the HTC Incredible. This is where it gets handy and exciting. Everyone knows that the Iphone app store has a bajillion apps, and if you have a 32gb model (since Apple doesnt offer removable storage) that’s a ton of apps, conceivably you could have hundreds if not thousands of apps, how many screens would it take for you to have to find that one cool retro camera app for that one cool pic.

If you use it alot you have plenty of room on 7 Screens. If you don’t you can keep it in the all programs area which is accesible by hitting that arrow soft button on the bottom right hand corner.

What’s a widget?
Let me show you ok so I used a camera that has a little bit of a glare but that long box on the top of the screen is a “Widget” in tihs case it’s the search widget. When you type something in that

box first it searches the phone for the term and then it searches the internet. This way instead of having to hit a “google” app button you can search directly from the front of the phone. Android has some pretty cool stock widgets and HTC throws in a few more in sense like Favorites which gives you a choice of 2 layouts for your favorite contacts and the default thing to do when you click their picture, calendar in 2 views, a monthly calendar and an agenda calendar, Friendstream which couples your facebook and your twitter and even it’s own twitter app that uses a widget called Peep.

So one thing Droid Gets is Screen optimization and what that Does is it allows you to make the phone more “you” The screen shot above shows the All programs screen you would get by hitting the arrow softkey next to the phone button. Thats where all the apps go and if you only use something intermittently you can go find it there.

More of What Android Does soon…

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