So many things to get confused about what's in a name?

Have you ever been to a bike a thon or a charity event where you get a cool T-Shirt and EVERY single sponsor has their logo on the back?

I was recently reading this piece by Brier Dudley about Walt Mossberg’s interview with Peter Chou’s (HTC) and Mossberg brought up a great point, are people going to get confused by brands, names, things they hear about the phone? So let’s look at that for a second with the HTC EVO. Sprint’s Android Flagship for 2010 releasing in mere hours to the world.

Manufatcurer: HTC a company who’s been making smart phones for over a decade and just dove into the superphone arena. They produced the first smartphone, First Android phone and now the first Wimax phone.

Name of phone: EVO

Carrier: SPRINT

4G Carrier: Clearwire (an entity owned 59% by Sprint but started by Craig McCaw)

Processor: Snap Dragon

Processor’s Manufacturer: Qualcomm

Operating System: Android

Operating System made by: Google

and so on and on and on…

Does all this branding make consumers confused? I carry a lot of Android devices, and have been asked the following in the 3 weeks I’ve been carrying EVO:

– Have you seen the new google phone- google because a lot of consumers know that google makes the android operating system

– Have you seen the new Android phone- Android because that’s the OS

– Have you seen the new Droid on Sprint- Droid is the branding on 3 out of the 5 Verizon Android Devices: Droid, Droid Eris and Droid Incredible. For whatever reason, which I’ d love to know, the Motorola DeVour and the LG Ally are not branded “Droid” still causing yet more confusion to the customer

– Have you seen the new HTC EVO- I could let this one go because that’s the name right.

And what about the close acronym EVDO which is Sprints 3G Evolution Data Optimized Rev A? EVDO is quite close to EVO

The next thing to get confused about is sometimes referred to as fragmentation. Now as a very big supporter of Android I personally will defend the “Fragmentation” argument against Iphone OS because Iphone is pretty cut and dry 1 smartphone 1 operating system. If Apple could play nice with others and had their OS across 30+ devices they’d have the same problem SEE RELATED POST HERE.

There is a lot to get confused about but make no mistake, find the Android Device/phone that you like and fits you the best and then rest assured you’ll have a great device