Samsung Presents Social Hub in the Galaxy S series

Although the Samsung Behold II had their custom UI it wasn’t as heavy with social media as Motorola’s Moto Blur or HTC’s Social media widgets built into the Sense UI. Samsung adds the social media aspect to a custom User Experience in “Social Hub”

Social Hub is centered around messaging and allows the users to send messages whether it be SMS, Email, or a social network updates. Within Social Hub the user also gets access to Facebook, and Twitter and integrated calendars from Exchange or Google. Contacts are synced up to the users Google account and of course Facebook and Twitter. Social Hub breaks the users contacts into four categories: Information, History, Activities and Media (which covers facebook photos and photo gallery)

Feeds and Updates allows the user to instantly update Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace. The Social Hub is graphic and feature rich and provides an unparalleled experience using Android 2.1 as a backbone, and of course after update, Android 2.2

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