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Rumor: HTC Vision Android with Dual Core headed for Tmobile?

We first caught wind of this a few weeks ago and then heard Scotty Brown from Androidguys dive a little more in-depth about the possible HTC Vision coming to Tmobile “Before the Holidays”.

Here are some things Brown put together from talking to one of his sources at T-Mobile:
– There are big things coming after “Anrdoid 3” (presumably gingerbread)
– There is a new HTC product in the works possibly code named “Vision” when Brown inquired if it was “Project Emerald” his source went mum, citing that he could not and would not speak about “Project Emerald”
– Specs include: 4.3 inch screen, dual core 800 mhz processor, 8mp camera and more.

Scotty Brown seems to be a little more responsible in reporting things so we have to accept that while we don’t know the name of this device, it’s most likely on the way and will be here before the holidays.

More Here at Android Guys, and Tmonews

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