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Plain And Simple you get what Steve wants you to get

For the record I have an Iphone 3Gs with service that I use from time to time. You see I got a 3GS when it came out, while I had a G1 etc, and then the backflip came out which is of course #android’s red headed step child so I took the sim out and put it back in my 3GS so when I blog about Iphone vs Android I can credit the fact that I have every Android Device I say I have, and I have the iphone for comparison.

The Iphone is great for my 7th grade nephew, it’s really easy to use and oh so pretty.

Here are my questions after the WWDC real thought out, thought provoking questions. After watching the last few WWDC Keynotes where Steve Jobs steps out like he did in the “1984” commercial I’ve come to the realization that Apple Fan Boys, Apple Fans, Iphone Fans get what Steve wants you to get…

Forget that for years since the first iphone was released people have asked for another model one with a qwerty keyboard. Want a great smartphone with a qwerty keyboard there is: Motorola Droid, Samsung Moment, LG Ally, Motorola Devour, Motorola Cliq and My Touch 3G Slide
just to name a few. Iphone users.. no dice….

Forget for years since the first iphone was released Iphone users have asked and asked Why? Why was it neccesary to use an exclusive carrier agreement with ATT? ATT’s largest 3g network or whatever their tagline is right now, can hardly hold the pressure of the current iphone. Iphones stopped selling for what 36 hours in New York because of this, and everyone who pays attention knows that San Francisco is one of the most overloaded ATT networks (hence why you had problems this year at WWDC?) Want a comparable and better smart or superphone on another carrier?

Tmobile has: Cliq, Cliq Xt, Behold II, My Touch 3G, My Touch 3G Slide, G1, Nexus One, and some coming down the pipeline

Verizon has: Motorold Droia, Motorola DeVour, HTC Droid Eris, HTC Droid Incredible, LG Ally and Motorola Xtreme on the Way

Sprint offers: Samsung Moment, HTC Hero (being discontinued for evo) and the HTC EVO

talk about Variety in phone style, carrier, features, and performance. If you want a phone to be you then you get it from Android, if you want to be dictated by Steve Jobs, you’ve got the iphone. In America at least you are given the option of choice, choice in carrier, choice in phone, features, data plans etc so Choose the Carrier and then the phone that’s right for you.

I’ve got a preference too, and obviously it’s Android for so many reasons. But when it comes right down to computing.. this blog entry, as many of my entries and tweets are posted from my macbook… just sayin…

So about that Title, Steve Jobs answers emails, reads emails and then ignores emails. There are features that release after release are denied.. oh well

The Iphone 4 looks like a great evolution for the iphone but Iphone OS will never offer variety in features, phones, hardware, performance and one of the most important Carrier!

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