My Touch 3G Slider Leads the pack on T-Mobile Day!

According to reports on from “tipsters” T-mobile had it’s best sales day ever this past Saturday while giving away every phone in the store “Free”, some after $100 or $50 mail in rebates. After sneaking a peak at the in-store list it appears that most of the newer smartphones ie: My Touch Slide, HD2, etc were free after $100 mail in rebates while the Samsung Behold II and others released around the same time carried a $50 mail in rebate. There were more “Free” as in No Rebate Neccesary, feature phones in the store than normal.
When contacted by T-Mobile spokesperson Patty Raz said in an emailed statement “As expected the promotion resonated with wireless customers” Raz went on to email into the droidguy again with confirming information that the HTC My Touch 3G Slider was the hottest selling phone and most in demand phone during the promotion, even more so than the WIndows HTC Flagship HD2