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More on the Contest!!!!!!!!

Before too long today is going to be all about the Samsung Galaxy S. We’ll have live blogging here at and starting at 6:15pm Eastern Time so before we get too blogged down if you want to know about the contest read on.
In floating the contest around to a few select folks in the Android Community they all agree this is the prize of all prizes for the winner and the community. Do you want to know what it is?
I knew it wouldn’t be too long before and worked together on something, it’s all in the name right? Actually Scott Webster, Scotty Brown and his whole crew over there work effortlessly for the benefit of Android users both old and new and the community. I’ve been in a lot of “Communities” having been a radio dj for 12 years, owning a business and wireless, and with community typically comes ego, not with, not with me nor any of the other sites I regularly work with (like <--there's your shot out)
The goal of all of us is to help unite a community together.
The podcasts have become a staple on android calendars everywhere. They keep it almost exactly right with the right mix of technical information, rumors, and newbie stuff. When they open up the phone lines they’ll take a question like “hey how do i get an app out of the market” to the latest questions about how to hold a Super AMOLED screen in the sun. You’ll find something for everyone in the podcasts. The Monday podcast is hosted by founder Scott Webster and is a little more, shall we say, structured. The Thursday podcast is hosted by Scotty Brown and typically features Theandroidswag team, free gifts, and call ins. It’s like “Android after dark” but never lewd or inappropriate.
Sooo since it is the most listened to podcast for android, join Scotty Brown and the team this Thursday night at 10PM Eastern Time 7PM Pacific for the Thursday Night Podcast, and during the podcast we’ll tell you the details of the contest.

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