MMA Underway

The MMA forum is underway in New York City as part of the IWNY (Internet Week New York)

The mma is all about mobile marketing, mobile video, sms mms and much more. Next up is Mike Strieb from Google.

Leaning is key and empowering. Ill share more that I’ve learned later. Specifically though Soledad O’brien a mother of 4 credits mobile with helping her be a better mom. She can make the important, and not so important events in her childrens lives thanks to the mobile industry.

For example O’brien was able to be at preschool graduation and file a story last Friday and then eat marshmallow kabobs.

O’brien spoke a lot about how social media, specifically facebook and twitter, changed her life and lives of many others in Haiti with the earthquake and adoptions.

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What is the MMA why am I here and what does it have to do with Android?