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Mitch Wagner Debates Jumping the iphone ship for Android

Respected Computerworld columnist Mitch Wagner blogged on Wednesday that he too is considering the switch from Iphone to Android. Like many, it’s apparent Mitch waited until after the Big Keynote announcement at the WWDC highlighting the features of this years offering from Apple.

Specifically Mitch is looking at the HTC EVO which I’ve been blogging on here at Thedroidguy since I received mine 3 weeks before launch.

Wagner cites some pretty good reasons
– Wimax Capability
– Screen
– Carrier
– and getting away from Apple’s Corporate Culture.

Go on Check out the whole piece here Mitch Wagner Switching from Iphone to Android

In checking to see if more of the Technology News and Blogger Community has made the switch from Android to Iphone 4 I couldn’t find many. Mostly because of Data Caps and inferior network performance I did find a few, Like Robert Scoble, who said they would most likely get the Iphone 4, use the Iphone 4 and enjoy the Iphone 4, along side an Android device.

Check out Scoble’s blog about it here

What a whirlwind week. More from IWNY I need to catch breakfast and the morning sessions.

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