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Mashable misses major Android Swag site

Mashable ran a story today entitled 15 Awesome Android accessories with links to some really cool Android Swag. See their complete 15 by clicking HERE

However in this story they missed highly popular Android Swag site
Take a quick look at the official google store and you’ll notice that they added a recyclable- reusable hand bag along with several stickers. Stickers and decals have been a main stay at since it’s inception a little over 4 months ago. founders Aaron Kasten and Jake Southers developed the online commerce site when they realized that there was a horrible lack of Androidswag. Some of their infamous shirts include sayings like “My Phone is Smarter than Your Phone” and “Making the Iphone suck more everyday” the latter being a limited edition item due to the trademark apple holds. But nonetheless a great shirt to own.
If you can put a logo on it, androidswag has done that, their miscellaneous items include Android Thongs, Playing Cards and lighters. One of their hottest selling stickers is the Android Mafia sticker.

Never before has a community of cell phone users banded together the way that Android owners have, until now. If you get a chance visit

If you can’t afford swag right now you can get free swag with purchase or check out the Thursday night podcast.
It’s important to note that is one of the hosts of the upcoming Android Barbecue. For more information on the barbecue send an email to [email protected]

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