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KCR Exploring Apple Class Action Lawsuit over Iphone 4

This isn’t like the fake Steve Jobs twitter that posted that there may be a recall of the iphone 4 over the weekend. One trip to KCR’s (Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff LLP) website will show you that this high profile Sacremento law firm is looking for people who have recently purchased the new iphone and are experiencing poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals to call them at (888)285-3333 Although calls to their office say that they are just investigating at this time, this is the same lawfirm that went after Facebook and Zynga for deceptive advertising in games.

The Iphone 4 has been plagued with bad reception problems when users hold the phone with their left hand towards the bottom where the stainless steel band is that goes around the phone. This essentially bridges the signal from one side to another and cancels out good reception. The joke since Friday is that Steve Jobs’ insisted “You’re Doing it Wrong” then went on to say there was no problem with the Iphone 4. Apparently KCR doesn’t agree.

Again if you’ve recently purchased the Iphone 4 and have reception problems call (888)285-3333

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