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Is AT&T Palm Preing their very own phone

The Curse of the Palm Pre….

Many people in the Wireless industry speculate that the reason Palm Pre wasn’t as successful as initially planned, and why the momentum never built the way Sprint and Palm initially intended, is because it debuted within weeks of the Iphone 3GS. So in protecting themselves from the mystique, culture, and must have philosophy that swirls around the Iphone, most manufacturers, and carriers, while they may make announcements in the wake of the Iphone release (A very very good idea) they don’t actually launch a phone in the current Iphone’s 15 minutes of fame.

Except… AT&T;

Where is the hype for the HTC Aria. Think about this for a second, except for the Iphone line pound for pound the AT&T; HTC Aria is the best phone on the current AT&T; roster, where is the advertising, where is the hoopla, why isn’t it a big deal that HTC producers of the sold out HTC EVO on Sprint and the HTC Incredible on Verizon, isn’t getting the love from AT&T.;

Is it something lingering in the AT&T;/Apple contract?

You could draw so many innapporpriate analogies here but it’s really like a parent willing to sacrifice one child for another. Is the Iphone 4 the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat of the AT&T; family? Why not just sell the whole company to Apple? At least there are three other carriers and manufacturerers bringing out new phones with the Android Operating System, Windows 7, Blackberry and Symbian. Samsung and Motorola of course with announcements in the wake of the Iphone release…
As Verizon prepares for the Nationawide launch of the next part of the Droid Saga, will fulfillment still be an issue? Also with the presenation and marketing of the Droid we have to wonder if the Droid X rollout is part II of the Droid Trilogy? Could part III be the widely anticipated joint venture tablet between Motorola and Verizon? If keeping with the metephoric like analogies to the Star Wars Trilogy, are you worried because Empire Strikes Back was never as strong as Star Wars I or Return of the Jedi. Not me. Big things will be announced in just hours from Motorola and Verizon. and twitter @thedroidguy hears there will be an excited special website for coverage from today’s New York Event. Our sources have indicated that the announcement of the site to go to for coverage of this event will be revealed on, and sometime around lunch time Eastern keep your eyes pealed.

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