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Hey MMA Forum Not as enthused about Android

As I take a break between session at #IWNY I was debating with someone, as I am often brought into, the Android vs Iphone debate. I seem to be picking up a slew of new readers every day so let me clarify real quick, I do NOT call it the Android vs Apple debate it is the Android vs Iphone debate? Why because I’m typing this blog on my macbook pro… and very since I was in high school and the nerdy editor of my school paper, I’ve been a Mac Computer Person.. just not iphone…

So I was debating and then a bubble went off in my head.
Why was there so much love for the Iphone across the members of the MMA? (Mobile Marketing Association)
Now here’s why I ask, the Mobile Marketing Association is a trade organization for everything in mobile marketing; agencies, creative companies, pr firms, brands, wireless companies, etc. Two big things on opposite ends of the spectrum, were the echoing themes, SMS, and Mobile Video…
Now the SMS I can understand I think the SMS are pretty, well pretty on the iphone. I even use handscent on some of my Android phones to get that pretty bubbly text feeling, but Mobile Video?
Look mobile video is going to look great on the new Retina display and at 326 pixels the most a human eye can see but lets rewind to just a couple days before the Keynote at the WWDC let’s go to AT&T; world headquarters where they just put huge caps on bandwidth spending. Let’s go with a somewhere crazy conservative number and say that 98% of American AT&T; data subscribers may save a little on their data plan with the iphone, that’ s until the MMA’s creative forces start sending mobile videos, augmented reality interactives, 3d video to phones, you see in the next 6-24 months the MMA membership is going to become the data caps worst enemy, you know, and I know it. So this blog isn’t necessarily about the iphone, but about AT&T.;
Having gone to the 4g Summit immediately before coming to New York for IWNY and MMA I know first hand that as we go through this change in “The Space” (thats a big advertising buzz word, the space) for those that need “COOL” 3d Mobile video, and the WOW factor the wireless industry needs to catch up with bigger pipes, more offload room, more bandwidth for JIT (Just in time delivery)
What was really humorous was I was a guy like Jeffrey Hayzlett except for my android hat which i wear everywhere, I sat and watched as soooo many of advertisings finest young executives pushed Elliot Nix and the other Google demoers and said “well Iphone does this” “and Iphone does that” and the Iphone 4 will do this and that…
That’s great for your personal iphone it really is. I can’t wait to get one myself and try it out.. remember in all fairness I also have an iphone 3gs with service and will replace my 3gs with a 4 and be underwhelmed (LOL)
But really this isnt about the iphone 4 its about bandwidth and how many consumers that the MMA advertisers are trying to reach, are going to balk when the newest wave of advertising crosses the consumers bandwidth threshold.
Remember developing for Android means less obstruction, more openness, quicker app aproval time, and 3 carriers with Unlimited Data plans (Sprint, Verizon and Tmobile)

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