Harry McCracken fragmentation blog brings Eureka!

I just read @harrymccracken’s latest blog entry about Android Fragmentation and getting the wording wrong. Good point Harry fragmentation may be the wrong word. But you also may be going after the wrong fish.

Yes of course it really sucks when the brand new superphone, the EVO, which officially hits stores in less than 24 hours and has been on my belt the last 3 weeks, has a lesser operating system than my nexus one that ive had now since February? See the last month or so has gone like this for me; Nexus One has been my primary #1 badass superphone unil I got the Incredible on launch day. However soon after the launch the Nexus got the NON ROOT version of 2.2 so really back to Nexy but then I got the EVO 3 weeks ago and McCracken has a point shouldn’t 2.2 be on the EVO?

The problem isn’t all in development they are doing what they should be doing, developing new features and rolling out the smaller features as .1 .2 .3 etc updates. You have to imagine from idea, design, manufacturing test models, FCC approval, carrier designation etc a Cell phone life from idea to market is probably longer than shelf life the way smart phones are coming out these days.

So the problem herein lies that a smartphone life from idea to market is 18 months or so? They’ve just missed even an OS and a half for Iphone. And remember when comparing the Iphone OS to the Android OS, the points we’re arguing woudl be irrelevant if Apple Iphone OS (the OS) was going out to 30+ devices per year they have one device they don’t need nearly as many updates.

But really, the engineers at the googleplex are doing what they are hired to do produce new stuff.

Now wait of course this is all well and good but we’re all talking too technical.

Who cares what NPD says or the telecom this or that or WWC or whoever whatever survey you look at if you polled only gadget geeks and tech freaks (myself included to an extent) Android, not bb and not iphone ANDROID would be the preferred OS because its OS.. (open source ) etc but when it comes right down to it, Steve Jobs, Andy Rubin and Mr. Blackberry aren’t making OS’s and rolling out phones just for us they are rolling them out for Joe Bob consumer. And for Joe Bob consumer.. they really don’t care as much as we do.

As for the title of this blog. I had the revelation a paragraph or two ago.. If Apple Iphone OS was going out to 30+ devices per year they’d have the same backwards fragmentation problem that Many see Android having.

oh and for the record Verizon is NOT getting the iphone before 2012 it’s just not going to happen