Evolicious The world is ready

I spent most of Tuesday and now a good portion of Monday traveling out west (writing right now from the air) so I didn’t get a chance to do an Evolicious update last night.

The EVO is a great great Superphone. If there was a question before there is no doubt about it now, Nexus One paved the way for Superphones. IMHO the Nexus One, Incredible and EVO all fit that category, and for now the Evo would/is the category killer.

It was much to my pleasant surprise Tuesday morning waking up to news that Sprint/Clear lit up 4g service in both of their backyards (Kansas City/Washington DC ) I was also glad to hear that when I was getting a 4g signal in Annapolis it wasn’t a fluke, that was supposed to happen.

On my flight the EVO did wonderful with video and keeping me entertained. I switched it over to use with inflight wifi and acted as if we were on the ground.

So the twitterverse is on fire with the 1 more day to go to EVO and everywhere i go now, if I pull it out even to make a quick call I’m instantly asked about it. Sprint has done their ground work here. I just wish it made an “EVO” sound like “DRrrrrrooooiddd” (which consequently I use on all my super and smart phones.